Sleek BowtieFashion is truly a dynamic and evolving element of society. Often times it serves as a basis of one’s judgement towards another person and sometimes it helps you distinguish yourself from others. Wearing bespoke trousers, for instance, allows you to look both flashy and stylish depending on the situation and how you wear them. That being said, there are also factors that influence the effect of each piece of clothing and, in order for you to achieve the right impression you wish to convey, you have to consider the following:

Know what type of bespoke trousers you want to use

There are many types and designs of pants that you can use, and each has a different effect. There are slacks, denim jeans, and khaki pants that you can choose from when you are to have pants as your preferred bottom garment. In addition, these choices also have ways of making yourself stand out from others such as folding and selecting how narrow the bases are to fit your legs. There are pants that are too loose and there are some that have skin-tight versions.

Know what matching bespoke suit would complement your trousers

So you’ve already figured out what kind of pants you wish to wear and, for this particular case, let’s say you picked slacks as your trousers. Surely pairing them with a checkered polo shirt for a formal event would not be very pleasing. A polo with a solid color and long sleeves would be the best option to match a pair of slacks, or a plain V-neck shirt topped with one of your bespoke jackets. Learn to mix and match your trousers and your shirts, but be careful and research on their level of formality to create the specific impact you wish to have as you attend events or occasions.

How do you assess which colors and design patterns would be perfect for you pants and suit?

More than the bespoke trousers cost, you have to pick the design and color of your clothes when assembling your attire. This also has something to do with the kind of event you will be attending as it will affect the degree of formality of your entire outfit. For casual birthday celebrations, for instance, you can simply use khaki or denim jeans to pair printed shirts (striped, polka-dotted, or checkered), and you can also fold the bottom part of your trousers so as to create some sense of style.

Choosing accessories to enhance your plain, boring look

There are many types of men’s accessories you can choose from that would ultimately give you that distinct look you wish to achieve, such as sunglasses, neckties, bowties, and scarves. The only you thing you need to remember in wearing such enhancements is that you must not cross the line of overdoing it as it may beat the purpose of being sophisticated and make you look unappealing. Wear one to three accessories at a time, but putting on more than that can be a little risky for your look.

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