Guy Being MeasuredIt is okay to admit that, as a guy, you still don’t know a lot about men’s suit accessories. After all, we have to admit that when it comes to fashion, women are more dominantly targeted by brands. Aside from this, men’s clothing isn’t really as diverse as women’s and it adds up to the difficulty of being stylish if you are a guy. Unlike women, men only have quite a few selections of bottoms, for instance—shorts and pants.

Just because guys are challenged when it comes to the variety of clothing, however, doesn’t mean they cannot be creative about it. As a matter of fact, there are men’s fashion accessories that can help beef up their attire. To give you a few ideas on how to dress up with elegance and panache, read more below:

Adding more style to your plain head – wearing hats or caps

If somebody tells you that you can’t have a hat or a cap as one of your suit jacket accessories, don’t believe him. You can still play a formal or corporate look while wearing a panama hat or a stockman hat, for example. This can be done to make you look flashier while wearing that cream coat with a nice white undershirt. It can also help others distinguish you from all the other guys who wear the same suit inside the room. Head garments can be as formal as a trilby hat and can be as loose and casual as a baseball cap. This gives men some room for creativity with their getup on a Business Monday or on a Friday night-out.

Covering up some facial blemishes while being sleek – wearing glasses or sunglasses

One of the most basic men’s fashion accessories is a pair of glasses. Whether it be sunglasses or a simple pair of clear non-prescription specs, it still creates more aesthetic to put something on when you feel a little too basic. They can also be both for aesthetic purposes or they can also be functional. Sunglasses, for example, can be worn to simply match your Bahamas-type of attire or it can be used to really block out sunlight during sunny days. These things also help you hide certain blemishes on your skin, such as pimples, puffy eyes, or dark spots.

For when gloves and rings are not options – wearing watches

Your watch doesn’t have to have a brand to become one of the most powerful men’s accessories. Although it is often treated as a fundamental element of a guy’s outfit, it still makes a big difference if you are not wearing one. There are many types of watches men can choose from; there are ones that have leather straps, some are metal, while some are designed for sports so their straps are either rubber or plastic. You can mix-and-match these types depending on the motif you are trying to pull off.

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