Unique Bow TieIf you want to be more exciting and adventurous then go for the best bow tie you can get your hands on instead of the normal, boring tie. Wearing a bow tie nowadays is deemed to be cooler and even those formal outfits you want to wear can handle a little jazzing up with a bow tie. If it didn’t hurt a tuxedo then it shouldn’t hurt how you look with other formal attire. It can be appealing when worn right and will prevent you from embarrassing yourself because unlike long ties, those cute little bow ties do not get in the way. You do not have to worry that it will drop into your soup or get caught up in doorframes. It stays in place no matter how windy it gets outside so you remain looking cool and snazzy.

Not only do you become daring when wearing the best bow tie, you also step out of your comfort zone when you wear one. You dare to be different and original and still look good. Not only is this limited to formal occasions, bow ties can also be worn when you want to dress down. Your regular outfit during weekends of jeans and shirt can be jazzed up with a nice splash of a bow tie. Your boring outfit comes back to life with a bang once worn with a stylish bow tie. You look much cooler and in fashion and all without that much of a try.

A regular looking bow tie is made of a slim band of material which you can then turn into a known bow when you tie it yourself. There are several variant of bow ties, however the distinction would normally be on the size of the strip of material used and how the shape at the ends of the tie looks like. The common edge would be what you normally see but the more distinctive would have pointed ends.

Here are other types as well depending on how you wear them. There is the self tie which is commonly known as the freestyle bow. This type is classic and you need to tie it yourself. This can be a bit difficult when you initially try it but with careful practice you will eventually get the hang of it. Once you do, the result is amazing and really worth the time you have spent learning it. You’ll look absolutely charming once this is done right. Another type is the pre tied bow. As the name indicates the bow is already tied and sewn in place for you. This is of course easier than having to tie it yourself. It would sometime look too rigid though. The last type would be what is called the clip on bow tie. All you need to do is to hook it directly to the collar of your shirt but then again would not look as authentic or stylish. This is mostly recommended for kids to use.