Choosing Tailor Made ShirtsShirts for work or for events are important. You may not notice it but the first time people look at you, they will most definitely form a partial opinion about you. In the business world, it is crucial that you make a great first impression , but it is also important that you maintain that impression of you throughout your career. A man who looks elegant is more likely to be chosen by other businessmen to work with. Why? Because it gives the impression that you have attention to detail and that you value what other people think. It lets them know that you are taking great pains to present yourself, and, therefore, it could be the same with your work. This is what a tailor made shirt can do for you.

What are the advantages of a tailor made shirt?

There are many shirts that you can choose from in the department store and they come in different sizes, colors and styles. So, why do you need to have a tailor made shirt when you can be free of the hassle of looking for a great tailor and go there for fittings and pick up? This is a question often asked by many so let us answer that.

  1. A tailor made shirt is personalized. What most people do not like about department store bought clothes is that there are just too many of it in the same style. There are stores that sell only one piece per size, but it is still one too many. If you were a CEO, for example, you would not want to go to your office and see that one of your employees is wearing the exact same shirt that you are wearing. That could be embarrassing, really.
  1. A perfect fit. Not everybody is built the same way. Take for example you and your friend. You are both size medium. However, because you go to the gym, your biceps are bigger. If you buy a size large, the sleeves could fit you nicely, but the body won’t. It will be too big for you. This is why a customized shirt is preferable than a shirt off a rack.
  1. Quality is great but it does not cost an arm and a leg. If you want great quality shirts that are readymade, you may have to go for expensive brands. Remember that you are not just going to buy only one shirt, but several pieces. If you opt for a tailor made shirt, you can choose a good quality fabric and have it custom made. It is cheaper than buying Tom Ford, D&G, Armani, or Hugo Boss.

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